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***NOW AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY AND PRE ORDER PICKUP THROUGH DOORDASH (Delivery/Pick Up) & GRUBHUB (Pick Up Only)!!!***–cornell-tech-2-w-loop-rd-new-york/2044529



Operated by Constellation Culinary Group, The Café @ Cornell Tech brings to Roosevelt Island tasty and hearty options for breakfast, and lunch. This bright and sunny café offers a chance to start the day off with a strong cup of Parliament Coffee or Espresso. Breakfast options ranging from croissants and muffins to eggs and pancakes. For lunch, sandwiches, salads, personal gluten free cauliflower crust pizzas/flat-breads, soups, bowls and hot entrees.

The Café is proud to serve offerings from Cornell Dairy in case you want to grab a pint of their ice cream for the road.

**Menu Subject To Change Based On Availability and Seasonality**


Monday – Friday 8AM – 7PM

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2 West Loop Road
NEW YORK, NY 10044


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